Rebuild Your Credit

At SWAG we faithfully believe that all our clients should have the option to obtain the car of their dreams, and that is why we work closely with our lenders, making sure to offer the easiest financing options regardless of the economic situation they are going through. We offer our clients the possibility of applying to different programs that help build, improve and increase their credit. We also make sure that all our sales are smooth and easy.

We understand that circumstances can change and that is why we have more than 20 + lenders that specialize in: New, or Bad credit history, newcomers, divorce, bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Why do I have bad credit?

Having bad credit can be due to several factors. Many times, it is not the fact of having bad credit but being very fresh. Lenders take into account not only your credit score but your income, housing, employment duration, etc. What makes us different from the other dealerships is that we take into account our clients’ situation and we seek not only to offer the best price, but also, what suits their needs.

No credit History or New Comer:

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Can I finance a vehicle if I am new to Canada and have no credit history? And the answer is Yes. The most recommended way to start building credit in Canada if you have just arrived to the country, are a student or temporary resident, is to be part of our programs for newcomers. These programs offer the possibility of building a good credit history through vehicle loans that have to be consistently paid for years, putting our clients in a good spot in the eyes of the lenders.

Bad Credit:

With a large spectrum of lenders, we can cater to all unique credit situations. Our lenders provide us with guidelines and programs that help those in not perfect credit situations. Don’t let your credit score stop you from applying. We offer programs that speed up the road to credit recovery within a few years! That means anyone with Bad credit, missed payments, accumulated debt, divorce, consolation, or collections, we can still get financing on your next vehicle!

Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal:

Applicants believe that bankruptcy or consumer proposals are a straight NO for getting into a new car loan, but for lenders, this means a fresh start on your credit. In fact, there are many benefits for people who have been or are in a situation like this. At South West Auto Group, we take care of offering our clients reasonable options that fit their budget and help them rebuild their credit without headaches. We have special programs that provide us low rates and affordable payments.

Self Employed:

Although many people think that being self-employed is a bad sign for the lenders, since the income is often difficult to verify, unstable or risky, SWAG is able to provide an easy, fast and beneficial process. Say goodbye to paperwork and long lines at banks as our staff work hard to get you approved in the most effective and quick way possible so that you can continue running your business.

Re-finance or Upgrade:

If you’re stuck and unhappy with a car you got in the past, or you’re paying a high interest or just want an upgrade. The SWAG team is the perfect one to help you free yourself from this situation. We have a very high credibility with our lenders, that is why we are 100% sure that we can offer our existing and future clients the best interest rates and terms for their dream car.

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